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Family Governance Can Help Preserve Your Family Wealth for Generations

Inherited wealth can be a blessing or a curse. It can empower families to enjoy freedom and comfort throughout their lifetime and enable them to make positive contributions to the community. Or it can result in overindulgence, laziness and lead to infighting within the family.

Without a solid plan, a family can expect to sit by and watch their financial assets disappear in the process of handing down wealth to new generations. Worst of all, when it happens, the family often fragments and relationships are destroyed.

Regrettably, the axiom "shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves in three generations" has truly been the case for a countless number of affluent families. A great deal of this failure can be linked to traditional estate planning which only recognizes financial assets at the expense of ignoring intellectual wealth and human wealth.

Intellectual wealth consists of knowledge, education and life experiences of family members. Human wealth is the persons and their life satisfacti…

How to Decorate a Cake For Your Family

A cake can be used for various functions such as celebrating weddings, birthdays or even served as a dessert after meals. As with any other food item, how you decorate a cake and present it makes people want to eat it when given a choice of other cakes. Cake decorating is an art which one perfects with practice. It requires someone with talent, one who is able to think outside the box, visualize an idea and with a creative mind, bring out something truly beautiful and impressive.

When learning how to decorate a cake you require information on the correct tools and supplies that you will need. You can purchase them at any available craft and food supply store. Once you are armed with the tools and supplies, good recipes for the cake and the basic techniques on how to go about producing your masterpiece, all you now require is your mind to come up with creative ideas. When going about decorating your cake, you have total freedom in deciding how you will use the icing or frosting. You wil…